The Process

The Process

No referral is necessary to start the journey at Knots & Tangles. Just call or email to make an appointment.

Firstly we meet with caregivers only and gather a thorough developmental history about the child and the difficulties they are experiencing. This enables your OT to know exactly what assessments are required to find out why your child is having difficulties.

Your second session is to assess the child’s abilities in a fun and engaging manner with our world class standardised assessment tools. These results will be scored and analysed to pull together findings to determine the exact cause of the difficulties being experienced.

These assessment results are talked through with the caregivers and together goals are set to guide an individually constructed therapy program to enable the child to achieve these goals.

We believe it is of maximum importance that we liaise with both the parents and school to make sure therapy is not just weekly in the therapy studio but continued at home and school for maximum benefit.

Training and workshops for teachers, teacher aides and parents are also offered.